Nimbus LED Desk Light

Goku LED Light Kame House

My latest engraved art design is a tribute to our favorite little Goku flying off on his Nimbus cloud away from Kame House. We used our laser engraver to make it into a fun anime LED multi-color desk lamp and also as a decorative engraved wooden standee! I love how it turned out and my husband has been displaying one in his workshop all month. 


Goku LED Desk Light

Dragon Ball standee


Metrocon + Art Updates

Metrocon this weekend!

I am excited to return for Metrocon 2022 this year and with a full vendor corner booth! If you are attending, I hope you will look for me.ヾ(。・ω・)シ 

I will be stocked with my usual prints, stickers, keychains, and buttons along with our anime and game LEDs and will have some new keyholders made, one or two boxes, and limited engraved plaques. <3 Most of our Keyholder set designs will be back in stock for Metro but remember only a few of each are made at a time so they are still limited! 



St. Patricks Day and NFTs!

Happy St. Patricks Day!


Colored this little cutie with her four leaf clover to release as a 1/1 NFT art as a special crypto art auction - the chibi lineart is also a digital stamp for purchase for anyone who would like to color themselves and use in cards or little craft projects. My digital stamps are available on my Star Stampz etsy store! I try to release a new stamp every month.

☘  ☆   ☘  ☆ ☘ 

I am a verified artist now on the Ghostmarket and have a number of artworks available to collect!

Check out my NFTs on the Ghostmarket!

NFTS and "Little Soul" FOR SALE

I've officially jumped into the world of crypto currencies with my first art available as a collectible NFT (non fungible token). If all goes well, I will be minting more special digital editions of my art. To mark the special occasion, I created a new artwork, "Little Soul," as a tribute to the phantasma chain and Ghost Market where I decided to mint my first NFT. 20 editions max will be available!


Currently Available 2/20 on Ghost Market






I just have to show off how beautiful these two wall plaques turned out! Hubby helped finish them with a thick polyeurthane coat and it looks gorgeous with the wood and designs. These plaaques are large and heavy and each one of a kind so will be exclusively available at conventions. Which brings me to....

Soupa Con Review & new LED lights!

SOUPA! Con 2020 | Jacksonville, FL

I was thankful to take part in a small outdoor con, Soupa!Con, to help celebrate the first anniversary of the Soupa Noodle Bar in Jacksonville. It was a different experience lugging the tables, chairs, and tents to set up my spot but it was nice to be able to spread out. For the first time I had a dedicated table to show off all my LED desk lamps! Can you spot the new ones?

Trick or Treat all October! (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧


Trick or Treat! (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧

It's back this year! As a way to celebrate the October month, I'm offering extra treats with all non-commission orders! "Treats" will be chosen from overstock, retired, and misc. art items and will be a surprise. Bigger orders will receive extra goodies!  

And if you're in need of some anime halloween decor, here are some ideas from my shop!

Early Bird Caricature Special!

Caricatures a fun way to personal Christmas gifts or holiday cards! Though I do my best to finish all Holiday orders, it's always a rush leading up to the holidays. As an incentive to order early, I decided to have a special sale on all caricature orders placed now through October 12th!

Below are some of the fun Holiday themes I've done for Caricatures in the past (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:⸍∘˚˳°✧❄ ☃ ❄







AVATAR art update, cosplay, and past cons!

Aang, Toph, Soka, Katara, Zuko, and Azula 4x6 chibi art prints have been dusted off and revised! You can compare with the originals below which I know are still adorable, but was getting on 7 years old...