Soupa Con Review & new LED lights!

SOUPA! Con 2020 | Jacksonville, FL

I was thankful to take part in a small outdoor con, Soupa!Con, to help celebrate the first anniversary of the Soupa Noodle Bar in Jacksonville. It was a different experience lugging the tables, chairs, and tents to set up my spot but it was nice to be able to spread out. For the first time I had a dedicated table to show off all my LED desk lamps! Can you spot the new ones?

Overall it was a fun little even and both a mental and financial relief to have the chance to sell in person again. It was refreshing being outdoors though I learned I need a more weather proof tent. The rain was a bit of a damper but people would show up for dinner at the DBZ themed restaurant not realizing their was a market event so I still had browsers untill the very end. I have to admit, as it got darker I LOVED how cool my LED display showed as daylight never does them justice!


Since it WAS a DBZ themed event, it gave me a good excuse to make two new LED lamp designs! These two debuted along with my newest Zelda.







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