Metrocon + Art Updates

Metrocon this weekend!

I am excited to return for Metrocon 2022 this year and with a full vendor corner booth! If you are attending, I hope you will look for me.ヾ(。・ω・)シ 

I will be stocked with my usual prints, stickers, keychains, and buttons along with our anime and game LEDs and will have some new keyholders made, one or two boxes, and limited engraved plaques. <3 Most of our Keyholder set designs will be back in stock for Metro but remember only a few of each are made at a time so they are still limited! 




These traditionally drawn chibi are now available keychain options! It's hard to show them off at the convention as they're in the back of a binder book but I'm in love with some of these and wanted to shout out. 

SUNNY STANDEES are back in stock!

They are now available online and will have them at Metro. Keep a look out for a future Going Merry design and more! 



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