.*・゚☆ TRICK OR TREAT! ☆゚・*. Extra goodies will come with October ordersヾ(*∇*)ノ (*commissions excluded)

.*・゚☆ TRICK OR TREAT SALE! + Conventions

As an extra thank you and for a little fun in october, random freebies and goodies will come with all orders excluding commissions!  Items will be randomly picked from overstock, retiring/retired, or misprints. Larger orders will net you more treats!

Also October 19th & 20th I will be at WASABI CON! This is my LAST scheduled convention this year.





Fruits Basket!

Fruits Basket is one of my old time favorites, and thinking about it gives me the warm fuzzies. It was among the earliest DVD and Manga my best friend and I really got into and Tohru was my first cosplay. My excitement could hardly be contained when the new anime was announced, not the least was that it gave me a perfectly good excuse to draw some of my favorite characters from this beloved series. 

StarInMyPocket is now it's own store!




I am sure you already know this since you are here, but yes, I finally made the jump and StarInMyPocket is now a full fledged store! As to what this means for my Etsy store, it will remain open but with only a few main listings. I still love the community there but this is my new home on the web where you can find all my available art items, commission info, the blog and more. I'm unbelievably excited as I've pondered starting my own stand a lone store for some time now.