StarInMyPocket is now it's own store!




I am sure you already know this since you are here, but yes, I finally made the jump and StarInMyPocket is now a full fledged store! As to what this means for my Etsy store, it will remain open but with only a few main listings. I still love the community there but this is my new home on the web where you can find all my available art items, commission info, the blog and more. I'm unbelievably excited as I've pondered starting my own stand a lone store for some time now. 

The new website and store coincides with the first year I will sadly be cutting back conventions to only a few. I do hope to increase it more next year but...

My baby girl is a couple months old now and OHMYGOSH she's so darn cute!!

Ahem. In other words, I realized that due to my little one I will no longer be able to manage 10-14 conventions in a year. I will, however, still be doing my best to take advantage to create new artwork and focusing on commissions and freelance work! :Also I need to figure out all the cool things I can make with a glowforge... ;)

I am excited to coninue on this art journey and thank you all for your support and follows! 

~ Star





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