Engraved Anime Chibi Couple Wall Keyholder Sets

My husband and I are so very excited to start listing some of my newest creations. We invested in a qaulity laser engraver two years ago but due to moving and having a baby, have only been able to tinker with it and make little gifts until now. I came across these little wooden wall keyholders with his and her keychains but they were very basic and boring shapes. How great would it be, I thought, if I could design something fun with my art to make something extra special. My husband was on board and I credit him for endless hours helping me sand, glue, stain, and finish  - it is thanks to him these have turned out so well crafted and such high quality.



Keychains fit in the home like a puzzle piece and so are easy to remove and return back. The weight of keys or small items (display some charms or lanyards even) will actually secure them better.








We strived for a novel item beautiful enough for the home, practical enough to use, and to warm the heart of any fan. Hooks on the back allow you to hang on your wall. 

Due to the nature of the work involved, difference in wood grain and playing with different stained looks, only one might be listed at a time to show accurate photos. If I am sold out of one you are interested in or would like to commission a custom order, let me know!





All 8 Designs revealed below!

If one is sold out/not listed or if you are interested in a particular stained look (single or duo toned) please let me know. I may accept custom orders and commission for them as well so if you know you would die for one with a favorite couple or like one personalized based on you and your significant other I encourage you to contact me as well.


Inuyasha and Kagome Keychain and Keyholder Set



Demon Slayer Tanjiro & Nezuko Keychain and Keyholder Set


Sailor Moon Serenity & Endymion Keychain and Keyholder Set


Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask Keychain and Keyholder Set


Naruto and Hinata Keychain and Keyholder Set


Dragon Ball Z Goku and Chichi Keychain and Keyholder Set



Fruits Basket Kyo and Tohru Keychain and Keyholder Set


Mario and Peach Keychain and Keyholder Set


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