Acrylic LED Lamps are up!


Color changing LED Acrylic lamps are now available in the shop! We are very excited to debut these as they are such a fun accent to any room. So far with the nintendo game cartidge style lamps we have Zelda, Final Fantasy, Metroid, Kirby, Mario, and Tetris. I turned some of my art designs into slightly larger acrylic lit versions as well, including two Sailor Moon and a Mario & Peach chibi.

The LED lamps can be touch activated or with the remote for added options - adjust the speed for it to fade or flash between 7 different colors or leave on a favorite color. Lose the remote? You can still turn on, switch colors, and turn off with a tap. It can be powered either with the included usb cable or optionally 3 AA batteries so it is easy to put anywhere.






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