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Feel free to contact me through the contact linked at the bottom, through any platforms I haunt, or diretly to starmasayume@gmail.com


Hi everyone! I'm known by many as simply Star and have signed my artwork 'Stargirl' ever since I was young. I have had this web domain ever since I was 14 years old, using it to either showcase my art or as a portal to link to my shop and social haunts. Since 2019 it is now a full art site and shop!

I am an unashamed geek and have pursued my love of drawing in the Japanese anime style since I was 12 and have been selling my work at conventions since 2006 since Jacon (RIP) chose my artwork for their con guide and badges. I was given my first artist table, fell in love with the experience, and grew from there! In recent years I did as many as 14 cons a year, venturing up the east coast with my husband, but had to cut down due to a real life chibi in my life.

Though known mostly for my anime style art and cute chibi characters, I've had experience in graphics, illustration work, murals, and caricatures. Why Caricatures? Though fascinated by the theme park caricature artists as a kid, I had no idea I would end up becoming one. After being hired and trained at Busch Gardens, FL, I had a fun experience working with other caricature artists and drawing people from all over the globe. Moving on, I've adapted my caricatures to my favorite art medium, providing custom digital art caricatures for families, friends, couples, pets, groups, and more.

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Digital Tools of the Trade: Painter + Photoshop + Sketchbook | Intous4 / Cintique Companion Tablet

Traditional Mediums:  Prismacolor / Copic Markers & Pencils (Occasionally Acrylics)