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Sarah Ellen Schedler, known by many as simply Star, is a freelance artist located near the Tampa bay area. Unashamed geek, she has persued her love of drawing in the Japanese anime style since she was 12 and has been selling her work at conventions since 2006. Her favorite Florida convention, Jacon (RIP), chose her artwowrk for their con guide and passes and thus had her first artist alley table -- and never looked back. She has signed her artwork as Stargirl ever since she can remember and what started as a teenage hobby is now STARINMYPOCKET, LLC. Though known mostly through her anime style art and cute chibi characters, she has gained experience in graphics, illustration work, murals, and caricatures. 

Why Caricatures? Though fascinated by the theme park caricature artists as a kid, she had no idea she would end up becoming one. Being hired and trained at Busch Gardens, FL, she had a great experience working with other caricature artists and drawing people from all over the globe. Moving on, she has adapted her caricatures with her favorite art medium, providing custom digital art caricatures for families, friends, couples, pets, groups, and more. She loves that each one is unique and is always happy to do special requests, no matter how odd. 

StarInMyPocket.net has now been realized as a full store and website (over the portal page it has been for many years) where you can now find all of Star's art merchandice, find commission info, news and updates. Also be sure to check out her social sites if you would like to follow her!

Digital Tools of the Trade: Painter + Photoshop + Sketchbook | Intous4 / Cintique Companion Tablet

Traditional Mediums:  Prismacolor / Copic Markers & Pencils + Acrylics