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Kawaii Kollectibles φ(゚ ω゚//)♡

Sorry for so little updates(∗∕ ∕•̥̥̥̥∕ω∕•̥̥̥̥∕)  ~!  Hopefully I am close to returning to cons but had to cancel two and currently only have Metrocon for sure. I have, however, been busy with other exciting and fun things!

Kawaii Kollectibles is a collection of my chibi art being released as digital trading cards on Paras, a digital card marketplace built on the Near blockchain. There's both overhype and criticism over NFTs but it has been an overall good experience personally and a fun new way to motivate myself and connect with others. 

 Kawaii Kollectibles Challenge sets.... are the chibi art you already know and love from STARINMYPOCKET gradually being retouched and animated for their nft debut. Each chibi collection is released for a limited time event period along with a challenge to collect the entire set before time runs out. By the end date, remaining cards are reduced (or burned) and those holding a completed set are rewarded with an exclusive Bonus Reward card and if there are any other future character drops.

After the event there is only a limited number of editions of each chibi card remaining: they will only be available on the secondary market or by putting in an offer in $near to current owners. Previous collections over the last year have been "Way of the Ninja," "Soul Resonance," and "Rise of the Titans" so there are many more still to look forward to! 

.  Lil Kawaii Kollectibles... are my traditionally drawn chibi, small and extra cute on 2x3" cards. A few may be animated thanks to editing magic. These can be released during trading or giveaway events, as extra rare 1/1s, or as a custom card commission in which you can claim the original as a keychain.

───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────

HXH is actually one of my oldest chibi sets (2013) and they went through a serious amount of revision. It's quite fun comparing the before and after though! This release also gave me the motivation to finally add a Leorio... (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)ゞ

If we hit the first milestone, verified holders will also be able to help choose a new character I will draw and drop for set holderst!  (I'm crossing my fingers for Chrollo..)


I have been familiarizing myself more with After Effects and each one has been animated, so to see the full effect of each card, click the link below ~ this is the 1st collection I released as MP4s rather than gifs.

Bringing these chibi to life has been really fun and is something I feel keeps them unique versus owning a simple print. Whether you are interested or not in NFTs, I am very excited to show these off to you as a lot of work went into them 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。

☆ View the HUNTERS COLLECTION on Paras


Join the Discord + Verified holders get perks

Along with this collection and challenge event, I have launched the Kawaii Kollectibles discord. Everyone is welcome but if you own either a completed Kawaii Kollectible challenge set or a 1/1 Lil Kawaii Kollectible and become a verified holder you can help decide on future characters, get exclusive drops, and join in raffles for originals and kawaii merch! 

If you simply wish to join the discord to chat you are still welcomeヾ(。^ω^。)ノ 


Start Your Own KAWAII KOLLECTIBLE collection ~

No expectations (I am happy enough to show off what I've been working on) but if you are interested in starting a Kawaii Kollectible digital card collection of your own, here are some details. 

The marketplace Paras simply connects to your $Near wallet account. Transactions will always need to approved in your wallet. Gas fees are something like transaction fees - though on Near it is super low and only in the cents. 

Unlike dollars, crypto is an asset and the value can raise and drop. Currently it is only $12 for 1 Near but it has gone as high as $20 and has been keeping around $15. Priced at .2 $Near each, you can currently buy (and earn) all Hunter cards for only 1 Near! (If interested, the deadline to collect by is May15th)

If you are new to all this (I was too once) feel free to reach out to me and I'd be happy to help! 

Paras is a growing marketplace and I've had fun collecting and supporting other artists as well. Below are just a few I collected from their last Card4Card swap event on Paras which is usually held monthly. Check out the link below to see all my creations and collection!

☆ View my Collection & Creations on PARAS




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