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I've officially jumped into the world of crypto currencies with my first art available as a collectible NFTs (non fungible token). NFTs are minted and digitally signed, allowing you to own and collect limited editions of art and other digital media on the blockchain which can then be kept, sold, or traded! I may look into other markets, but so far I'm a verified artist on GHOSTMARKET which is a cross currency platform on the phantasm blockchain.

To mark the special occasion of my first minted NFT on the GhostMarket, I created a new chibi artwork, "Little Soul"~
PS) I love their little ghost logo for Phantasm...^o^



I'm still confused. What ARE "NFTs"?

I'll assume you may ask as I had no clue what they were myself before two months ago. NFT stands for non-fungible tokens that are minted on a digital blockchain. You may come across terms such as nft art or crypto art (not all nfts are artwork, they can be music, weird memes, animations or even in game assets!).

Imagine digital art trading cards through crypto currencies. Artists can mint and digitally sign their nfts, making a limited supply of editions (1/1 or 1/20 for example) which can be sold on various markets in fixed or auction style listings.

NFTs can be bought, sold, or traded with the ownership changing accordingly. Transactions can always be traced back to the original creator and thus it allows for automatic royalties to the original artist should it be resold. This is all done through cryptocurrencies (think bitcoin though ethereum is one of the most popular blockhains for nft art). Gas fees is the energy required for anything written or transactions made through the blockchain which are notoriously high right now on certain blockchains.

I discovered which is a cross chain platform that runs on the phantasma market. It is very new and much more energy efficient than other options, keeping the gas fees very low. My husband also found this blockchain interesting as they plan to work more with game developers, data apps, and social networks (think people can trade their in gaming assets OUTSIDE of the game - pretty cool concept I think ^^). Who knows, maybe I'll accept crypto currency at cons in the future?

Because this is a very different market than I usually reach, I revived my abandoned twitter account to focus on nft art so if you have any interest, I recommend following me there <3 

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