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My art is now available on various blockchain marketplaces as collectible NFTs (non fungible tokens). NFTs are minted and digitally signed, allowing you to officially own and collect limited editions of art and other digital media which can be kept, sold, or traded! Because this is a very different market than I usually reach, I revived my abandoned twitter account to connect and be active in the NFT art community so if you have any interest, I recommend following me there ❤ 

PEAKD Art Blog 
Artist Interview Spotlight on Galleseum 

Artist Interview on GhostMarket

PARAS [ NEAR Protocol Blockchain ]

An extremely fun marketplace featuring digital trading art cards. Purchase cards with $NEAR and check out their FAQ page. Keep an eye out for the Card4Card, a monthly event creators will submit cards for only .1 $Near each!  Only one card per person is allowed and remaining supply is burned by the artists after the event.

Kawaii Kollectibles  is my true pet project on PARAS. I will slowly be rendering my 4x6 Chibi Art Prints as animated trading cards series. For sets of 5 or more cards there will always be a "bonus" chibi card that can only be earned as a completion reward.

After September 10th, the remaining unsold of each card from my 'Way of the Ninjas' series will be burned. Stay turned for a stat card of how many were collected and kept in circulation. Cards may still be available for sale but only through the secondary market and some will end up rarer than others!



HIC ET NUNC [ TEZOS Blockchain ]

A very popular platform among artists and collectors. Purchase art with $TEZOS and show off your collection! Check out their FAQ page with how to get started. I am featuring my anime digital art sketch series for a very affordable price (.1 to .6 tezos)! Collect your favorites or collect them all. 


GHOST MARKET [ Multi Blockchain ]

GHOST MARKET was the first I used to mint NFTs on after searching for an energy efficent and affordable place to sell. Originally run on Phantasma Blockchain ($SOUL) they have since been slowly expanding to include various blockchains including Binance, Polygon, and more. Still a favorite marketplace of mine with great features and a supportive community. This is my all around choice with a mixture of my originals or fanart, traditional or digital with most at lower editions.

Check out their FAQ page for info and how to get started. 




I'm still confused. What ARE "NFTs"?

I'll assume you may ask as I had no clue what they were before this year. NFT stands for non-fungible tokens that are minted on a digital blockchain. You may come across terms such as nft art or crypto art (not all nfts are artwork, they can be music, weird memes, animations or even game assets).

Imagine digital art trading cards through crypto currencies. Artists can mint and digitally sign their nfts, making a limited supply of editions (1/1 or 1/20 for example) which can be sold on various markets in fixed or auction style listings.

NFTs can be bought, sold, or traded with the ownership changing accordingly. Transactions can always be traced back to the original creator and thus it allows for automatic royalties to the original artist should it be resold. This is all done through cryptocurrencies (think bitcoin though ethereum is one of the most popular blockhains for nft art). Gas fees is the energy required for anything written or transactions made through the blockchain which are notoriously high right now on Etherium but quite small and reasonable on more energy efficient blockchains which I have mostly been using.  

I first discovered which is a cross chain platform. My husband also found this blockchain interesting as they plan to work more with game developers, data apps, and social networks. From there I found many other NFT platforms on various blockchains and chose a few I really liked. There's a learning curve if you are new but it has been a very fun venture so far! 

Still curious? I recommend the following links from GhostMarket or to check out the FAQ page of any of the marketplaces. 

The Creator's Guide to GhostMarket
The Collector's Guide to Ghostmarket