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As many artists, including myself, are being affected by cancelled and postponed events this year due to COVID-19 I am so happy that efforts are being made to promote each other online and create 'virtual artist alley' spaces. I realized I had a perfectly good website and decided I wanted to do my part to also help others in need of extra exposure. I hope to create a space here to show some of my fellow artists, what they offer and where you can find their shops/commission info or social links. I hope that you will check them out.

If you are not in a position to purchase anything right now, you can still help by following artists or sharing favorite posts! As you know, the social world revolves around comments, likes, and follows so don't underestimate the little things you can do to help support artists.


Online Artist Alley's & Conventions


IsekaiCon Online July 17-18 AMAZING con with a great web experience--follow for future events!
WEBCON - Mini Weekend sessions till the end of August!
DaichiCon Weekend of July 24-27 on Discord

Virtual Artist Alley - Largest Facebook Group for Cancelled Cons!
Entrepreneur Alley - By Tasty Peach Studios for artists, vendors, & Entrapreneurs
Kimchi Kon's Virtual Artist Alley
Toss a Coin to Your Artists and Vendors - Facebook Page



ElectricAbyss Website

I do commissions and sell comics, books, zines, prints, posters, postcards, washi tapes, and tshirts!
Sale or Coupon Details
20% off in my storenvy (heidiblack.storenvy.com) with code "Thanks"




Atomic Pixies Website

We’re a team of three nerds that make art nouveau inspired prints and enamel pins.




I’m a self taught artist who loves anime! I draw fanart and original characters of cute girls and boys.
Sale Details
All shipping to North America is FREE! Many of my current stock is discount and sale until I have room for new merchandise.




PoundKey Website

I’m an artist that does art online. I like making stickers and drawing with comic markers.

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Melly Creations Website

At Melly Creations we strive to bring our customers imaginations to life weather it ve in the for or an iij image of a full on costume.We diversify in multiple fandoms and can take any challenge our customers throw at us. We currently have commissions open for fursuits and art so just message us for more info

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JBlake Design Website

I have art prints, holographic prints, cool clear and holographic acrylic charm keychains, totebags, patches, stickers, magnets, and furry badge commissions!! I draw everything from anime, gaming, pop culture, furries, animals, skulls, memes & original dark art! :)
Sale or Coupon Details
10-20% off items, no code needed!

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Traveling Pony Museum Website

We're a collection of My Little Pony/Fandom merch from artists around the world. From blankets and Mousepads, to stickers, keychains, and more.

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Utacchi.Design Website

Items Available include: Stickers, Resin Accessories, Lolita Garments, Stickers, Printed T-shirts, buttons, and Magnets. Commissions available for Lolita Garments- please see pinned blog post through the link on linktr.ee for more information!

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Fiolettakk2 Website

We sell vibrant kawaii tote bags, holographic art prints, buttons, stickers, shirts, originals and more.
Sale or Coupon Details
use code CONVENTION to get 15% off your first order

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Generation Monster Website

Hello! I create creepy cute apparel, charms and illustrations based on occult lore.








Rae West Art Website

Hello all! I’m Rae, an artist from Dallas, Texas. I work in both digital and traditional mediums and create colorful work that’s usually centered around fantasy or retro media. I sell prints, stickers, charms and pins.
Sale or Coupon Details
Currently 15% off everything in my store!

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Jinxies by Jenna Jurgelewicz Website

Traditional artist selling prints, pins, keychains, and stickers
Sale or Coupon Details
All items on sale, Every $10 spent, recieve a free Gift

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ArtsyPosy Website

(❁´◡`❁) Hello I am ArtsyPosy and I LOVE drawing floral anime fanart. I draw anything from Pokemon to my hero academia. I offer holographic prints and keychains as well as big stickers, mini prints, even totebags. If you like my merch and art style but don't see your face character/want something custom I also take custom commission orders for my holographic keychains and prints. I can draw cosplayers. anime characters, dogs, etc. Thank you everyone, stay safe, and have a lovely day. (❁ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈)◞
Sale or Coupon Details
Spring Cleaning Sale! New items listed such as holographic posters and mini prints even stickers, while some old classics like pokemon and my hero academia are on clearance/sale!

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Shibafé Website

Shibafe is a small run artist circle selling bits and bobs from all sort of series! Our concept is based of a cafe run by Shiba inus~ So most of our stuff have a cute yet homey feel!

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Fiolettakk2 Website

I specialize in dakimakuras. Other items include acrylic charms, mini pillows, character pillows, stickers, and commissions (including dakimakuras)
Sale or Coupon Details
GOT2GO 15% OFF mini dakis

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Charming Little Fox Creations Website

I create polymer clay, resin, and metal jewelry; focusing on anime, kpop, nature/fantasy, video games, and asian cultures. Everything I make is completely handmade and sculpted, resulting in very unique and original items for women and men alike.
Sale or Coupon Details
Use COVID19SUCKS for 15% off your order!

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Poppypraise Website

I'm an artist who specializes in drawing kawaii anime girls~! I'm new to the artist alley scene so my current selection is a little small, but I'll be gradually adding new products to my shop over time! At the moment I'm selling prints, stickers, keychains, and acrylic standees~ I also do commissions as well, message me for inquiries ✨

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Dandy Lions Creations Website

Dandy Lions Creations makes geeky themed bath and body products for men and women. If you have a fandom, I make something for it. I make everything from beard care to perfume/cologne to bath bombs. Remember that Dandy Lions Creations is made by geeks, for geeks!

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Adorkable You Website

Kawaii & gamer accessories! Like, keychains, jewelry, planner charms and more!

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Allison Weyda Illustration Website

Hello! My name is Allison and I'm the artist behind Allison Weyda Illustration! I sell a variety of both fanart and original art as keychains, pins, and prints. My original work is a more surreal and dark style. My fanart includes many, but also unique, fandoms like Parks and Rec, It's Always Sunny, Animal Crossing, and much more!
Sale or Coupon Details
Use COVID19SUCKS for 15% off your order!

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Lady Luana Illustrations  Website

I'm a digital artist from Florida, US. I draw lots of fanart, demon girls, and witchy things! I sell prints, stickers, bookmarks, and pins. ♥
Sale or Coupon Details
15% off with COUCHCON






RikaDae  Website

I create prints, stickers, and cute handmade charms at my shop!








RaeWard Studios  Website

I've been doing artist alleys for almost three years not and since then my product diversity has grown exponentially, I offer a wide assortment of merchandise from huggable and soft character pillow to keychains, art prints, buttons, stationary, t shirts and enamel pins that I have in development. I miss seeing everyone's smiling face and talking geeky but this is the next best thing!
Sale or Coupon Details (if Any)
20% off everything in store
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Veschist Art  Website

I make resin art as well as watercolor prints stickers and pins!
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Queerest Gear  Website

Hello and welcome to Queerest Gear! This is an LGBTQ owned and operated company specializing in apparel and accessories. We have pride swag for tons of identities and some nerdy options too. We've got shirts, snapback hats, beanies, patches, stickers, buttons, dice sets, and more!
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Lantana Illustrations  Website

Lantana Illustrations creates cute, hand-drawn prints and keychains of your favorite animes, games, and even kpop bands!
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